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st. johns security film installation imageWhether a building is a home or houses a business, windows are such an important feature!  They add style and charm to the exterior and provide natural light to brighten and enhance interiors. 

Unforunately, however, glass windows and doors are the most vulnerable component of any building whether commercial or residential.  Anti-shatter, glass retention window films, also known as security laminates, are available clear or tinted and provide a barrier and layer of strength that protect people and property from:

  • Keeps Your Homes and Businesses Secure
  • Burglary - Smash & Grab Theftanti-shatter window film newfoundland image
  • High Winds & Severe Weather
  • Flying Glass Injuries
  • Fragment Contamination in Manufacturing Facilities
  • Ultraviolet Damage
  • Vandalism & Graffiti


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