elegant bathroom window privacy frost newfoundlandDecorative & Privacy Window Films:

When it comes to privacy, there are more options than you might first consider.  Drapes and blinds are great, but unfortunately they also block a lot of natural light.  This is why frost has become so popular in dressing rooms and wash rooms, where light is desirable but privacy is required.

commercial privacy window film st. john's newfoundlandFrosted window film is the most economical and environmentally friendly way of achieving this form of glass privacy.  Window film is applied to your existing window, there is no need to replace the itself and the process is cleaner an more environmentally friendly then chemical etching.   The effect is also reversible; Our quality window frosting films will look great for as long as you wish to keep the effect, but if you ever decide you would like to change the look of your glass it can be removed or replaced.

geometric pattern semi-private window filmBeyond Window Frost:  Patterns & Colours

Frost has been the standard in privacy for both commerical and residential window films for a long time is a great choice for many applications.  For those that prefer something a little different window films offer a tremendous flexibility in terms of patterns, colours and textures to enhance your room decor.  Some, like the fading frost pictured above, or the frosted squares to the right, allow semi-privacy so that your views out are not totally obstructed.

Patterns range from geometric strips and blocks to florals and even colourful stained glass window films.  Call CS Window Film of St. John's today to learn more about the many decorative window film options available for installation in your Newfoundland Labrador home or business.

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