Benefits of Window Film

residential solar control window film newfoundland imageThere are many benefits to installing window films.  CS Window Films' friendly and knowledgable window film experts will help you determine the most suitable film for your application.

Our experience ranges from large commercial installation to modest homes and in all varieties of buildings from some of our province's oldest heritage sites to modern retail stores and residential condominiums.

While most window films offer a variety of benefits, they fall into a few main categories:

Solar Control Films and Tints

  • Heat & Glare Reduction
    • Reduces 'Hot Spots' for increased comfort
    • Makes it easier to view Computer or Television Screens
  • Energy Conservations
  • Prevents Fading
    • Art Work
    • Photographs
    • Flooring
    • Draperies
    • Furnishing
    • Merchandise
  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Safety & Security Window Films or 'Laminates'st. john's newfoundland security window film armorcoat

  • Impact Protection "Anti-Shatter"

    • Helps hold glass together in the event of accidental or intentional impact

  • Burglary Protection

    • Security film takes away a thief's ability to easily break through glass - typically a building's weakest security point

  • Severe Weather Protection

    • Holds glass together in the face of high winds, hail, wind-born projectiles and even quakes or blasts

    • Prevents damage and injuries due to flying glass

  • UV Blocking

    • Blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation which can harm people and property

  • Anti-Graffiti

    • Removable films that can be used to protect flat surfaces that are susceptible to vandalism like graffiti, scrathces and burns

Decorative & Privacydecorative window film bank st. john's, NL

  • Frosts & More

    • Decorative Films are available in dozens of patterns and colours to suit virtually any decor or theme

  • Total Privacy or Semi-Privacy

    • Decorative FIlms are quite often used for privacy, the most common being window frost

  •  Light Flow

    • While decorative films offer privacy most still permit natural light to flow in

  • Economical

    • Less expensive and less permanent alternative to chemical etching

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